We shared a video from all of the staff in the first lockdown. Here are some comments we received.

What a lovely message video!- Parent June 2020

I am crying but happy tears, I can't wait until X can come back to school and see you all.-Parent June 2020
That is BRILLIANT! Though it has set off the tears (mine!).-Parent June 2020
Thank you to everyone for all you’re doing.-Parent June 2020
We have just watched your video message. Just what we needed on this Monday morning to start our day. Please please leave it on the website so we can watch whenever we need cheering up.  Thank you so much. X  is missing school and seeing every bodies faces and cant wait to be back, when it is safe to do so.-Parent June 2020
We loved the video-Parent June 2020
We really enjoyed watching the video. Thank you- Parent June 2020
The  video is really lovely made us quite emotional. Thank you all so much. Take care-Parent June 2020
Absolutely gorgeous -X so happy to see all X's teachers.-Parent June 2020
Thank you that has made us all smile.-Parent June 2020

O and O loved the video you made so much. O has watched it multiple times and asked if we could do a video back.-Parent June 2020 


We even appeared in the East Anglian Times

East Anglian Daily Times School Video


Below are some comments and feedback about Remote Learning.

Good afternoon, I just wanted to write to say how impressed and pleased I am with the year 4 classroom work xxxx has received during isolation. The work has been just the right amount, ordered and accessible. Mrs Bange has been contactable and approachable at all times. Furthermore, xxxx  is better when he has a routine in place. He knows what is expected of him with the classroom work so has been calmer and happier.

The same goes for XXXXX. He has relished completing his reception class work and enjoys seeing the feedback.- Parent Spring Term 2021 


I just wanted to send a huge Thank You to all staff at the school for your hard work and dedication to the education, safety and wellbeing of our children! You always have a very tough job but during this past few months I can only imagine how difficult it has been, trying to keep everyone safe whilst responding with speed and agility to the ever changing dictates from Government. -Parent Spring Term 2021


Stonham Aspal have been great. Well done to all the team. Thank you.

- Parent Spring Term 2021


Stonham Aspal - all the staff have been extremely helpful, work is clear, easy to find and my daughter loves the videos from her teacher. - Parent Spring Term 2021


 The school have been excellent. Can't fault them.- Parent Spring Term 2021


Thank you to Mrs Waldron and to the teachers. I can see lots of work being uploaded to Google classroom, which looks like it’ll keep the children busy.- Parent Spring Term 2021


Thanks for keeping us regularly updated. I personally think you are all doing a fantastic job in what is a very tough time.

Google classrooms worked very well for myself & XXXX today once I got to grips with.

I just wanted to share some positive feedback for yourself & all the team in these challenging times.- Parent Spring Term 2021