Our Music Curriculum

At Stonham Aspal CEVA Primary School, we pay for a subscription to the ‘Charanga’ Music scheme. The scheme allows us to focus on the four strands of ‘Listening’ and ‘Composing’, learning about ‘Notation’ and developing a ‘Knowledge of Music’, such as historical influences.

Children will evaluate songs, play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, improvise and compose their own melodies and talk about musical styles and elements, whilst building their own confidence in their musical ability. They will develop their understanding of rhythm and pitch and learn how music is structured, as well as forming an understanding of technical vocabulary and musical terms such as tempo, riff and harmony.

Each class timetables a discreet ‘Music session’ into their timetable, usually once a week. We also embed Music across the entire curriculum, for example, linking it to PE: Dance lessons and singing songs and hymns in Collective worship and performances such as the Christmas Service.

We encourage extra curricular activities such as peripatetic guitar and piano lessons and enjoy supporting children’s talents through whole school performances.