Community and Charity


Local church/parish involvement: Involvement of clergy

Open the Book – weekly

Reverend Payne – half termly collective acts of worship in school

Reverend Payne is on our governing body which includes being on our personnel and communication committee

Whole School Church services termly – Reverend Payne of Reverend Norris

Class visits to the church

Advertise to our parents and carers services for churches in our parish


Christmas 2020 

Please click here for photographs of the school council children helping to decorate the Church Christmas Tree  


Across the year we support a range of charities these currently include:




 British Legion- Poppy Appeal

 Samaritans Purse


 Children in Need

 Sports Relief




 Comic Relief


 Cancer Research

 Children's Society


 By clicking the logo for each charity, you will be redirected to the charity's own website.