Collective Worship

We understand worship to be a special act or occasion whose purpose is to show reverence to and enjoy spending time with God. Collective worship involves all members of the school coming together and participating in an assembly. We expect everyone to take an active part in the assembly.


The aims and purpose of our collective worship are:

  •  to provide an opportunity for the children to worship God;
  •  to enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues;
  •  to enable children to explore their own beliefs;
  •  to encourage participation and response;
  •  to develop in children a sense of community spirit;
  •  to promote a common ethos with shared values and to reinforce positive attitudes;
  •  to teach children how to worship.
  • to teach children about how Christian values and beliefs have played an important part in the history of our Country and it’s development.


    The weekly structure for our Collective Worship is:

    Monday : Open the Book

    Tuesday: Our Christian value of the half term

    Wednesday: Worship Team lead fortnightly Worship/Class based Collective Worship

    Thursday: Our life and learning skills

    Friday: Celebration

The headteacher or other members of staff normally conduct collective worship, but sometimes local clergy or other representatives of local religious groups conduct them instead.


COVID - 19 - Collective Worship opportunities.

Please see link below to 5 collective worship ideas planned by the Diocese of Guildford and designed for children to do at home, if they want to:


Please use the link below to take you to the first Oak Academy Assembly which is led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The theme is 'Hope'. 


More Collective Worship Resources from the Diocese:


Collective Worship at home - Quality Resources 

You may find the following websites and resources useful:

  1. Our School: together-apart.  Each worship / reflection time is designed for the children to do at home.  This may be with others in their household including adults, with their siblings or alone.   They could also be used with the key worker children being cared for in school. The recommendation is to send one home each week, there are a few suggestions of things to do and more frequently might be too overwhelming:
  2. William and Lucy Resources freely available. This includes a book which guides children through the elements of worship and will help children to take ownership of setting up and leading collective worship at home. The second book is a book of Bible stories.

 3. A Worship at Home weekly resource has also been created, including creative activities, think pieces and prayers that can be used at home or at school. These materials have been created for use by the entire school community, and schools are welcome to share them with children and families through their current remote learning channels. A new resource will be made available each week during term-time. IsingPop have made many of their songs available on their YouTube channel, great for engaging children at home or school (if you are open for key worker children). They are also planning some work to support home worship that should be coming soon.

4.Blackburn diocese have produced a brand new video resource, ‘Off the Shelf’ designed to be used as collective worship in schools and at home with themes specifically relevant at this time. Each of these resources asks big questions and challenges the viewer to reflect and make a response.  Available soon from


Prayer and other resources:

Resources to help you and your community to pray in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic from home:

Bible Chat Mats. Promotes family discussion and children engaging with stories about Jesus.

Resources shared from The Forge Church  Debenham:



Please see our Policy page to view our Collective Worship and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development Policy.