Class R Parents Q&A's

What time is the school day?

School Day for Class R

School Day Starts at 8.55am
School Day Ends at 3.15pm

What happens in the morning, of the first day?

Dropping Off Children

Children should be accompanied by the responsible adult and wait in the playground. The bell will ring at 8.55am when children then line up in their class. Mrs Carter or Mrs Johnson will come out to meet the children and take them to their classroom. Parents/Carers may wait with their children each day until they go into class.

What happens at the end of the school day?

Collecting Children

The entrance for Class R is at the back of the school. Please use the large gate at the right side of the School,  and walk around the back of the building. Parents/Carers may wait in the playground until Mrs Carter or Mrs Johnson dismisses the pupils individually into the care of the Parent/Carer.

Children who attend the Afterschool Club are taken to the club by a member of staff to the Afterschool Club team.

Where can I park?


At the start and end of the day there is usually considerable congestion, especially near the school. It is advisable that Parents/Carers park at Broughton Hall, the Village Hall, the area at the tennis courts or along the road. Please park safely and legally. We ask that parents only use the lay by to drop off their children, not to park before 9.00 or between 3.00pm to 3.30pm. We have a pathway, on the school side of the road, to use for those who park at the village hall and towards the Pound.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

School Uniform

Please name all items of school uniform


Plain white shirt or polo shirt

Grey trousers or shorts.

Red or blue sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school crest


Plain white blouse or polo shirt

Grey skirts, pinafores or trousers
Red or blue gingham school dress can be worn during the warmer months
Red or blue sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school crest

Children should wear sensible black flat shoes and not trainers.

For health and safety reasons, children change into suitable clothing for PE.  For indoor PE, children should wear black shorts and a team coloured t shirt and plimsolls. Children do not need to bring trainers in for PE in reception and KS1.

Uniform can be purchased in school or on line. Please use the link within the website for ordering on line. The PTA also has a second hand uniform shop, please see the PTA webpage for more details.

Does my child have to have a school meal?

School Meals

The Government has recently introduced free school meals for all reception and KS1 children from September 2014. 

Lunchtime Arrangements

In the morning, children having a school meal choose  from the options available (usually a meat option, vegetarian option and a  jacket potato) At lunchtime, children are taken to the school Hall and served their choice of food at the hatch. They sit at tables with the other children in the class to eat their lunch. If the children need help cutting their food, there are adults and children from Year 6 on hand to help them. We encourage children to try all the food on their plate and eat as much as they can. With help, children put their own plates and cutlery away after they have eaten.

Children having packed lunches will collect their lunches from the classroom shelves and be taken to the hall. Packed lunch children sit together.

Once the children have finished their meals they can play in the playground for the remainder of lunchtime.

Can my child bring their favourite toy into school?

Whilst we do understand that a favourite toy can be a comfort, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone's belongings with nearly 200 children in school. So whilst children may bring in their toys, we would suggest that very special toys wait at home for their owner's return.

Lost property

Children lose items of clothing especially in the first few weeks. The first place to check is the classroom or cloakroom. If you cannot find it there it may have been put into lost property tub near the central "T-Junction" of the school corridors.

Use of toilets

The children in Class R have their own "en-suite" toilet facilities which they may use whenever they like. Outside the classroom (for example at playtime) the children tell a member of staff that they are going in to use the toilet.

If a child does not make it to the toilet in time and has an accident, the school does have some spare clothes. However, if you think this is likely, you may wish to send in some spare uniform for your child.


If your child needs to take prescribed medicines during the day please ask the office for a medicine consent form or download one from here.

Non-prescribed medicines cannot be administered by staff. Medicines are kept in a refrigerator in the staff room and administered only by a member of staff.

How can I talk to my childs teacher?

As well as the organised parent teacher meetings, Mrs Carter and Mrs Johnson are more than happy to discuss the progress of your child or any concerns you may have. Time at the beginning of the school day is very limited but appointments can be fitted in at the end of the school day. Alternatively, please contact the school office and Mrs Carter or Mrs Johnson can telephone you.

Parents Forum

We have a very enthusiastic Parent’s Forum which meets each term to exchange views on the life of the school discuss opportunities to improve the school. Please see the newsletter or website for the next meeting.