Class 6 Curriculum

Main Topic Theme and Science Units


Autumn  Half Term 1

Spring Half Term 1

Summer Half Term 1


Ancient Maya


The Circulatory System


The Vikings


Evolution and Inheritance






Autumn Half Term 2

Spring Half Term 2

Summer Half Term 2


Britain's National Parks




Climate Change


The Battle of Britain


Living Things and their habitats


Geography Knowledge Notes and Vocabulary List

 National Parks (Autumn 2)

National Parks- Autumn 1

Knowledge Organiser- National Parks-Why did people in the bronze age abandon Merivale?

Knowledge Organiser- National Parks- Why is Merrivale such and important prehistoric site?

 Climate Change (Spring 2)

Climate Change Vocab

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change- Spring 2

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change- Lars and Sofie

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change- Starcross

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change- What have countries agreed to do?

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change- Why is the weather changing?

Knowledge Organiser- Climate Change 3

Biomes (Summer 1)

Knowledge Organiser- Biomes


Science Knowledge Notes and Vocabulary Lists


Electricity Vocab

Knowledge Notes - Differing wire lengths

Knowledge Notes - Lemon battery experiment

Knowledge Notes - Circuit symbols

Knowledge Notes - Voltage

Knowledge Organiser - Electricity - Y6

Living Things and their Habitats

Knowledge Notes - Classification- Lesson 1

Knowledge Notes - Linnaean System - Lesson 2

Knowledge Notes - Microorganims - Lesson 3

Knowledge Notes - Why are some living things difficult to classify? - Lesson 4

Knowledge Organiser - Living Processes

Living Processes- Vocab List

Animals including Humans 

Animals including humans - Vocab List

Knowledge Notes - The Circulatory System - Lesson 1

Knowledge Notes - The components of blood - Lesson 2

Knowledge Notes - Nutrient and Water transportation - Lesson 3

Knowledge Notes - Healthy Lifestyle - Lesson 4

Knowledge Notes - What can be harmful to our bodies? - Lesson 5

Knowledge Organiser - Animals including Humans - Y6

 Evolution and Inheritance

Knowledge Notes - Why do offspring vary and not look identical to their parents?

Knowledge Organiser - Evolution and Inheritance - Y6


How does reflection work margin sheet

Knowledge Organiser- Light - Y6

Knowledge Notes - Refraction


History Knowledge Notes and Vocabulary Lists

 Ancient Maya

Knowledge Notes - Who are the Maya and where do they live? - Lesson 1

Knowledge Notes - What did J and F rediscover in 1839? - Lesson 3

Knowledge Notes - What do the ruins of CI tell us? - Lesson 4

Knowledge Notes - How do we know so much about Maya? - Lesson 5

Knowledge Notes - Pok a Tok, more than just a ball game - Lesson 6

Knowledge Notes - Why did the Ancient Maya leave their jungle cities? - Lesson 7

Knowledge Organiser - Maya - Y6

Vocab lists - Maya

The Battle of Britain

Knowledge Notes - How serious was the risk of invasion? - Lesson 1

Knowledge Notes - What did Hitler need to do to succeed? - Lesson 2

Knowledge Notes - Why did Britain win the Battle of Britain? - Lesson 3

Knowledge Organiser - The Battle of Britain - Y6

Vocab List - Battle of Britain

The Vikings

Knowledge Notes - What was the terror that first appeared on 8th June 793 - Lesson 1

Knowledge Notes - Why was the design of their longships so important to the Vikings? - Lesson 2

Knowledge Notes - What were the two treasures they wanted from Britain? - Lesson 3

Knowledge Notes - Additional Data - Lesson 3

Knowledge Notes - Why is King Alfred the only King or Queen to have the Great after their name? - Lesson 4

Knowledge Notes - Extended writing - Lesson 5

Knowledge Organiser - The Vikings - Y6



 Knowledge Organiser - Y6


 RE Knowledge Notes and Vocabulary Lists


Knowledge Organiser - Incarnation

Knowledge Organiser - Trinity

Knowledge Organiser - Hinduism

Knowledge Organiser - Humanism

Knowledge Organiser - Resurrection 

Maths Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Notes - Four operations