Welcome to Class 5

Autumn Term

Teachers: Mrs Barricella and Mrs Washington





 Our Topic this term is: Time Travel





We will be reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce as our whole class read.

We will also be writing to entertain with an adventure story based on, 'One Small Step' by Taiku Studios. 

We will write to inform with a journal based on ' Mars Transmission'.

We will also be writing to entertain with a myth based on, ' Theseus and the Minotaur' by Hugh Lupton.

We will do weekly comprehension exercises.

We will be working weekly to improve our spelling, grammar and punctuation.





In number, we will work on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

In geometry, we will learn about perimeter and area.

In statistics, we learn how to read, interpret and draw  line graphs and tables.

The children will further develop their reasoning skills by applying topics taught through the term to solve problems.





In RE, we will be learning about Buddhism...

How did Buddha teach his followers to find enlightenment?


Why is the Gospel such good news for Christians?





Within Geography, we will be learning about where Greece is and some of it's key human and physical features.





We will travel back in time to Ancient Greece.





In Science, we will  travel to space.

After this, we will begin to learn about forces.





Please read independently for 20 minutes a day and to an adult 3x a week. Please record reading in your diary and ask an adult to sign it.

Topic or English homework will be handed out on a Tuesday. These to be handed in on a Monday.

Maths homework will be handed out on Friday and will need returning on Wednesday.

The children also need to practice a mixture of tables and related division facts  to achieve a personal best time.


Things to remember!



P.E- Named PE kit needs to be in school each day. 



Useful links



Year 5 Math's Prompt Sheet

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Look at what we have been doing


We have been learning to play the ukulele this year. Click the link below to watch us play.

Class 5 Ukulele