Welcome to the Class R

 Summer Term

Teachers: Mrs Carter and Mrs Johnson


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Our topic for this half term is 'Growth'. We also try to include the children's interests so sometimes include mini topics on a particular theme.





This term we will continue to develop and consolidate our writing skills. We will use our phonic skills and tricky words to help us write lists, captions and short sentences. 





This term we will continue to develop and consolidate our reading and  phonic skills. We will continue to bring home reading books twice a week and word cards to learn. Our daily phonics sessions called 'Letters and Sounds' will also continue. During these sessions we will consolidate phase 2 and 3 phonemes and words. When we are ready to move on, we will begin to look at phase 4.





This term we focus on recognising and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond. We continue to focus on these key skills: subitising (recognising a number without needing to count), counting, addition and subtraction, composition of numbers, sorting and matching, comparing and ordering and spatial awareness.





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Things to Remember!



We have PE on Tuesdays. This half term the children will change into their PE kits. To reduce the number of times the children are changing they will remain in their PE kits to go home.


Mr Sparkles



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Class R Grammar Terminology



 Mindfulness and Wellbeing activities:

Wellbeing activities for families

Stories to help children understand Coronavirus and to prepare them for returning to school:

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

When you come back to school: PowerPoint and PDF 

Back to school

My Hero is You

Wellbeing for parents

Optional extra activities and resources:

Phase 3 handwriting sheets - useful to reinforce phase 3 phonemes and letter formation.

Number formation sheets  0-20

Upper and lower case letters

Outdoor writing ideas (intended for school so you may not wish to do all of them!)