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Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School Life at Stonham Aspal C of E VA Primary School


Welcome to Class 4's page! 

Spring Term 2020

Please scroll down for daily updated topic work.

Home Learning Tasks:

W/B 30.03.20

Why not start the day with a work out with Joe Wicks! Go to You Tube and search PE with Joe. A live lesson each day at 9am!

Or if you fancy something more chilled - look up Cosmic Yoga on You Tube!

Reading: Continue to work through the activities in your Home Learning Pack. Do around half an hour per day.

Maths: Go to White Rose website HERE. Complete one lesson per day of Week 2

Watch the short film and either print and complete the sheet or write the answers in your red book. You could also work through the Decimal part of your Fractions booklet as extra work.


English: Go to Hamilton Trust site HERE and download either week 1 or week 2 English work, depending on your preference. Please complete work in your red exercise book. 

Parents: The answers are included in the download. I am happy for you to mark work/go over answers together and discuss learning.

Topic work all week - Read the Easter Story HERE

How could you retell the story? You could:

  • Write a recount
  • Make a flip book (like our Paul/Saul book)
  • Create a cartoon strip with speech bubbles
  • Make a Lego movie



W/B 23/3/20

English: Work through the sheets in your Home Learning Pack, do some each day. You can find extra worksheets on TWINKL

You could also start writing your Rainforest Dilemma story in your red book, using the plan you made in class. 

Don't forget to read it through and edit and improve as you go - Authors never use their first draft! Use the checklist in your pack to make sure you include everything you can.

Topic Work: Complete the Endangered animal sheet in your pack.


Friday topic work - PHSCE

I'm sure yesterday you all joined in with clapping for the NHS.

What is the NHS? When and why was it founded?

Show and Tell - present something that you have worked hard on this week to another member of your family (maybe even via Skype/Facetime... I'm sure grandparents would love to see what you've been up to!)

Don't forget to have some Golden Time too!


 Thursday Topic Work - French

Please have a go at the sheet in your home learning pack and tell someone about today's weather. Practice counting up to 60!


Wednesday Topic Work - Art

Please have a look at this short video and have a go at a Zentangle. Take your time and enjoy the creating of it. Maybe put on some peaceful music whilst you are doing it. Parents might enjoy doing one too!


Tuesday Topic Work - R.E. 

Watch this film about Guru Nanak as a boy up to 3 mins 30 secs. 

Answer these questions in your red books:

 Why do you think Nanak told the teacher the subjects were not important? What was the message Nanak was trying to teach? How could this message relate to your own life?

In the story, who do you think was ‘in the dark’? Why? Was the teacher really the teacher? Who was the Guru?

What do you think is worth learning? Who surprises you with what they know? Have you ever surprised anyone with what you know?


"Look at your pen and ink. What are they made of? The ink is made from soot and the pen from reed, and what they write is worthless.
Let love be your pen and your ink and write the name of God. Write it on your heart. That's the way to find peace." (Guru Nanak)

What do you think this means?









Our Topic this half term is:




Things we need to remember:


PE KITS should be in school at all times. Our PE slots are on Tuesday and Thursday

Spelling test on Tuesday

Homework given on Friday to be handed in on the following Thursday


Children should read for at least 20 minutes each day at home, preferably to an adult. They should keep a record of their reading in their Reading Record and it should be signed by an adult. 



Please follow this link for important dates











Our big question at the moment is: 'How does the teaching of the gurus move Sikhs rfom dark to light?'











Here is a link to the Class Dojo website

Click here to find out how we assess Writing (scroll down to see Year 4)

Click here to find out how we assess Maths (scroll down to see Year 4)